Who We Are ?

PT. MAKARA JAYA MARINE is a world class Offshore Marine & Engineering Consultant and is established in 2011.

We are here for supporting you in your specific project related to marine aspect for ensuring maximum satisfaction in marine assurance by eliminating/minimizing risk thus the marine operation is being acceptable & tolerable to the Industry and Marine Insurance as well as the National & International Regulatory Bodies.

We are fully licensed company and have been recognized & accepted by the Market/Industry of Insurance companies, Oil & Gas companies and Ship Owner/Shipping companies.

What We Are ?
Marine Consultant.
We provide assistances for YOUR needs related to marine aspects for your maximum satisfaction for your specific project,included but not limited to Marine Advisory & Engineering Assessment/Calculation.
Marine Warranty Surveyor (MWS).
We provide assistances for UNDERWRITER needs related to marine aspects to ensure maximum Marine Assurance for specific project, included but not limited to Marine Advisory & Engineering Analysis/Calculation.

PT. Makara Jaya Marine

  • Offshore Marine & Engineering Consultant.
  • Independent - Safe - Reliable - Efficient.
  • Transparancy & Flexibility on DEMAND.

Our Professinal Team

Master Mariner Class 1
Master Marine Engineer Class 1
Naval Architect
Offshore Construction Engineer
Our TEAM members have strong past experiences which have been recognized and accepted by the Marine Industry.Offshore Construction Engineer.

Our Customer & Partners :